Shanghai City, a road surface collapse 1 month no people repair area to come forward coordination

Once again reflect the area outside the Shimen Road Pedestrian road surface subsidence
Shimen Road Pedestrian road subsided "In order to fill the 'black hole' on the sidewalk as soon as possible, 30 days, I contacted the property, housing management, water supply, municipal and other departments at least 4, hear the most words is' this is not Our business. "Jing'an District, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang Road, 333, Zhen'an Square Heng'an Building Industry Director Fang Fang recently call 12345 public service hotline, once again reflect the area outside the Shimen Road Pedestrian road surface subsidence," black hole "mouth is more Zhang Yue, public security risks prominent. And this is the fourth time the old call "12345" the. July 21 morning, Jing'an District Deputy Secretary, Mayor Lu Xiaodong guest 2016 "summer hotline? Mayor interview" program, the issue was raised by reporters on the spot. Lu Xiaodong district distance connection of the relevant functional departments coordination and accountability, according to the responsibility of ownership division, road collapse repair should be owned by the district management side of the Shanghai Liang Yu Property Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for, Jing'an District, housing, municipal, Shimen Street, etc. The department is responsible for coordination and cooperation. Sidewalks collapsed, part of the pavement floating July 18 afternoon, the reporter went to Shimen Road 333 get. Nongkou gate outside the south side of about 60 meters on the sidewalk, nearly half of the road put up a simple barrier, barrier at both ends of the pull of a long cloth, the right for the isolation zone. Just remove the tip of the plywood, due to loose road, the district staff foot instability, actually slipped. The board was removed, and a buzz came from it. Reporter noted that the bottom of the board is a dark "hole". Although the hole is less than two square meters, but enough to half buried an adult. Nearly 1 meter deep, a black and white underground "river" is flowing, the water constantly corroded, scrubbed roadbed. Reporters leaned down and saw the "black hole" under about 5 square meters has been completely "hollowed out", sidewalk surface was vacant state. It is understood that the hole under the black smelly "dark river" is actually a sewage pipe, and defecation function. The sewage pipe not only accept the district two buildings 206 residents, businesses, including Shimen Second Road along the Caesar International Club, Agricultural Bank and other large businesses. It is estimated that the collapse of the road also smashed the sewage pipes. Reporters noted that close to the collapse of the sidewalk edge of the manhole cover, are marked with "municipal" word. "Black hole" deeper and deeper, but no one claimed that Mr. Fang said that in early June just found the road collapse, the potholes area was only one square meter. He was informed that the district Liang Yu Property Management Limited relevant person in charge. The person in charge said the property immediately proceeded to fill the area of ​​the depression. But this is not the top, the road is getting bigger and bigger. Property companies in the roadside temporary guard bar at the same time, immediately call 12319 urban construction hotline for help. Hotline replied that the municipal departments will come to repair the sidewalk, but not to come. Mr. Fang saw more and more security risks, instead trying to call the city property hotline 962121. The other party insisted that due to the sewage pipe repair does not belong to the scope of property functions, should be resolved by the municipal. "Desperate" Mr. Fang remembered 12345, call again to reflect the above situation. Soon, Shimen Road, the second floor of the Housing Authority to give Mr. Fang to the phone, the other side has received 12345 issued a work order, but also "cited by the Code" claimed that the situation does not belong to the scope of housing management functions, especially in which the sewage pipe Problem, it is recommended that the old side to call the water hotline to try. Over sixty years of Mr. Fang call the city water supply hotline 962740, the result is still run into a wall. The other side said that the water supply department is only responsible for the water pipe maintenance, not responsible for the maintenance of sewage pipes. The other party checked a burst of information, made it clear that by the Jing'an District Municipal Engineering and supporting management. Multi-sectoral that the municipal repair, but unfortunately the old side once again dial "12345". Long-awaited, Jing'an District Municipal Engineering and supporting the management of the final door. The thought of the dangerous "black hole" is expected to fill the elimination, Mr. Fang smile again and again: the city has a total of 3 times, each trip is not taking pictures, is the measurement. One time, the municipal department also opened a yellow engineering vehicle, the car loaded with workers, but also with the sand, cement and other building materials. The old side full of joy, always thought that the "real thing" of the. Unexpectedly, the other side of a circle, or go. Property and municipalities are still arguing about the right of the municipal administration. Reporters contacted the Jing'an District Municipal Engineering and supporting administration, the other told reporters: Shimen Road, the situation already known. In view of the pipeline maintenance responsibilities to the district red line as the boundary, and the collapse area is not located in the municipal road red line drawings, so the relevant issues should be resolved by the residential property. The property does not endorse this claim. Liangyu Property Management Co., Ltd. relevant person in charge said that the collapse of the area just in the property and municipal engineering management at the edge. The person in charge of the State "Property Management Ordinance," said: water supply, power supply, gas and other units should be responsible for the property management area within the pipeline and facilities, equipment maintenance, conservation responsibility. "Shanghai residential property management regulations" also provides that the residents of the table before the pipeline and facilities, maintenance and conservation, water supply and other professional departments are the responsibility. As the road surface collapse is due to municipal sewage pipes caused by damage, in accordance with the above laws and regulations, the municipal and water supply departments should be resolved together. Fight to fight to, never a below. July 15, "physically and mentally exhausted" Mr. Fang once again dial 12345 hotline, strongly recommended that the relevant departments for public safety considerations, as soon as possible to fill the subsided sidewalks. The old side is very reluctant to say, "whether it must be dead, the relevant departments will be seriously?" Mayor came forward to coordinate the restoration responsibility finally implemented July 21 morning, Jing'an District Deputy Secretary, Mayor Lu Xiaodong guest 2016 "summer hotline? Length interview" program. Interview, the reporter brought the "Shimen Road 333 outsiders sidewalk collapse nearly 6 square meters, residents repeatedly to the property, the streets, district housing management, district municipal departments and other departments to reflect, more than a month still not repaired" this complaint, Lu Xiaodong spot " Point "of the Shimen Road, District Housing Authority and other departments of the name. Who is this thing? Shijiao Road, deputy director of the street Qi Qi said: June 30, street synergies municipal, district housing and residential property and other departments to the scene to see the site, to determine the collapse of the property belongs to the residential property within the red line. Therefore, according to the division of responsibilities, district management side of the Shanghai Liang Yu Property Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development of repair programs, and submitted to the industry committee for review; through the future can be repaired. The street has now coordinated the relevant departments of the collapse of the site to do the protection measures. Subsequent connections, the District Housing Authority introduced the repair "card" reasons. District Housing Authority said that although the "Liangyu property to confirm the land belongs to its jurisdiction", but because of the repair area to be part of the funds, which in the district caused controversy. Speaking of which, the host Haibo pointed out: the plot residents of the idea is that the sidewalk is not in my wall, why I pay? Joined the connection Liangyu property responsible person also admitted: has been looking for several construction teams to do the program, but do not know who will come out of the project fee. On the above aspects of the answer, Lu Xiaodong obviously not satisfied. He said that the collapse can repair, the current "unforeseen factors" is the property with the industry for the cost of communication. If the ditch is smooth, the collapse can be quickly solved; if the communication is poor, it will be dragged on. He asked the streets to lead, to communicate all the links are out, can not wait, can not be dragged, to take the initiative; housing management, municipal property with the community, industry associations as soon as possible to determine the maintenance program, as soon as possible to repair the collapse of pedestrians can be safe Pass. District Housing Authority site statement: will be further coordination, supervision, as soon as possible repair, security is the first. "First fix, and other issues can be placed on the back and then discuss." Lu Xiaodong lament: the settlement of the road to solve the problem, consider the management of the responsibility for the people to do practical things, consider whether to do it. "As long as the intentions of the situation, the real people of worry and worry, anxious and difficult to put in the heart, the problem can always be resolved.

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